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“Allison Moon is knowledgeable, accessible, affordable, and surprisingly cool. This is a talent on her way up in the world. See her now before the world catches on.” – HG

Allison is a passionate and entertaining educator with a great sense of humor and wealth of knowledge. She loves teaching sex-ed, gender dynamics, and creativity  to universities, colleges, and adult learners. She’s taught for audiences of all sizes, ages and backgrounds. Whether it’s a no-holds-barred sex-ed class or a professional-level workshop on publishing, Allison can deliver solid, informative education to your group. 

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Sex How-To:

Girl Sex 101, Strap-Ons, Lesbian Sex Tips for Men, and more. Scroll down to see all Allison’s offerings.


Gender, Sexuality, and Sexual Politics

Dating, identity, and the politics of sex. Scroll down for more.


Publishing, Writing, and Creativity

Explore your creativity, learn to write and perform stories, and how to publish your own work! Scroll down for more.


Sex How-To

Girl Sex 101

This workshop, based on the book, is especially designed for women and the people who love them. Covering nearly everything there is to know in a fast-paced and fun workshop, you’ll learn:

  • Genital anatomy with a focus on pleasure
  • Simple ways to communicate in the heat of the moment
  • How to build a “Road Map” of your partner’s pleasure
  • Oral and hand sex techniques for girls with all sorts of anatomies
  • Orgasm
  • Safer Sex
  • Strap-ons
  • How to talk gender and identity.


How to Drive a Vulva

Allison’s signature workshop!

Learn how to navigate the twists and turns of vulva pleasure in a class designed for people of all genders.

In this playful, informative 2-hour workshop lead by sapphic savant, Allison Moon, you will learn all the basics, including:

  • The bits and pieces that make up vulva anatomy
  • Simple ways to communicate in the heat of the moment
  • How to build a “Road Map” of your partner’s pleasure
  • Cunnilingus, strap-ons, hand sex and more!!
  • Positions to avoid fatigue and generate the power you need to rock their world
  • Plus a few super secret, lesbian-ninja techniques

You’ll come away with new confidence to please a vulva and the person it belongs to, no matter what your hands-on experience.


Buckle-Up! Strap-On Basics with Allison Moon

Wanna add another tool to your box but don’t know where to start? Love the idea but nervous about the execution?

Strap-on play, once considered taboo, is now en vogue, and, for many of us, an essential part of our sex lives. But unless you had the chutzpah to blaze your own trail or a special someone to show you the ropes, buckling up and pitching or catching can be intimidating.

Join Sapphic savant and veteran pegster, Allie Moon, for this fun, informative, and sexy introduction to the world of harnesses, dildos, lubes and moves.

In this 2-hour workshop for women, you will learn…
• The ins and outs of strap-on play
• How to choose a dildo and a harness that’s right for you
• Fun positions for giving and receiving
• How to brooch the subject of strap-ons with your partner and integrate it into your regular sex life
• and, especially… What not to do!
• Plus a few advanced tips and tricks that will leave your lovers coming back for more…


Lesbian Sex Tips for Men

Gents, want to learn how to rock her world and make her swoon? In this fun and energetic workshop, Girl Sex 101 author Allison Moon will reveal all the secrets you need to know to make your woman feel safe, loved, and sexy. You’ll learn:

* How to use your hands like a Sapphic superstar!

* Tongue tricks you’ve never heard!

* How to treat your penis like a strap-on for thrilling effect.

* All about integrating sex tools into your repertoire to keep things lively and buzzing with energy!

* And some super-secret lesbian ninja techniques.



Gender, Sexuality, and Sexual Politics


The Introvert’s Guide to Sex and Dating

Dating is hard enough as it is. For introverts, it can be downright exhausting. Let socially-adept introvert Allison Moon help you navigate the challenges of dating and mating as an introvert. You’ll learn how to:

* Play to your strengths

* Say “yes” “no” and “maybe” to honor your own personal space needs.

* Craft sexy date nights that won’t make you want to hide under the covers.


Radical Sex: How Progressive Politics are Changing the Way We Have Sex

How do politics shape the way we have sex? In this class, specially designed for universities and colleges, Allison will guide students through a world of consent culture, pansexual play parties, the queer porn revolution, post-gender feminism, non-monogamy, and other topics at the cutting edge of the way we play and relate.


Slut and Slut-Lite: Negotiating Healthy Relationships with Disparate Sexual Self-Expressions

There are plenty of challenges being in a relationship with someone who is far sluttier or far less sluttier than you. The slutty one wants to frolic while trying to honor the needs of the not-so-slutty one. The not-so-slutty one may have a hard time figuring out what makes them feel safe at sex-positive events or even “what to do” at such events. The not-so-slutty one may be shamed for not being “as evolved” or sex-positive, while the slutty one, having to deal with society’s judgments may be afraid of facing that same judgment at home. Sound familiar? Whereever you fall on the “slut-spectrum” you can learn from relationship blackbelt Allison Moon as they discuss how to make disparate sexual self-expressions work. In this lively workshop, filled with humor and exercises, Allison will cover the communication skill sets and damage control devices she applies in her personal relationships to be exuberantly self-expressed in how she likes to love. It’s possible, and it may be easier than you think!


Telling Your Sexual Story

Storytelling helps us remove shame, claim our sexual agency, and strengthen our communities. In this empowering, interactive workshop, participants will  explore their lives for personal turning points or breakthroughs, and practice crafting these tales into tight, dynamic performance pieces.


What a Slut! Sexual agency, slut-shaming, and gender dynamics

Why was Sandra Fluke called a slut simply for asking for access to birth control, when Viagra is so easy to get? Why are young women taught to present and control their behavior to avoid “giving boys the wrong idea”? How can be break through the double standard and encourage people of all genders to take control over their own sexual agency? Allison will help untangle the messages we get about sex and relationships, and hopefully


Queering Consent: Understanding consent and sexual violence in LGBTQ Spaces

Consent isn’t as easy as “yes or no”. Power dynamics, identity, and social stature all affect the ways we negotiate consent and safety within sexual and love relationships. LGBTQ identities can complicate this


I Was, I Am: Navigating Shifting Sexual Identities

Bisexual, Queer, Trans, Cis, Gay, Straight, Homo, Genderqueer. These days we seem to have a label for everything, even though few of us may actually feel comfortable with the labels we choose. What happens when we identify one way, but find our tastes or context shift? Do we become different people? Do we lose friends or community? Must it be this way? Join Allison Moon as we unpack the identity politics that keep us in rigid boxes long after we’ve outgrown them. In this eye-opening and heart-warming workshop, we’ll explore how we identify throughout different stages of our lives, and how to navigate these changes with grace and kindness, both for ourselves and our communities.


Publishing, Writing, and Creativity


Sweet, Sexy And Smutty: An Erotica Writing Workshop

Must it all be “throbbing members” and “heaving bosoms”? Shouldn’t erotica be more than antiquated ideas of sex and propriety? In this fun,interactive workshop filled with exercises and prompts, we’ll explore scenarios, fantasies and sensuality with the intention of writing smart and titillating fiction. Author Allison Moon will offer tools and inspirations to help you delve into the erotic and write some truly steamy scenes.


Self Publishing 101

“Highly recommended. Allison will basically set you up to get started in this direction if that’s what you want.” -EM

Do you have a manuscript sitting on your shelf, waiting to see the light of day?
Do you want to write a book but have no clue what to do with it once it’s done? Are you mystified by the success of self-publishers and wonder what all the fuss is about?

In two hours, I’ll walk you through the basics of self-publishing.

You’ll learn:
* How to figure out if self-publishing is the right step for you and your book
* The difference between vanity publishing services and creating your own press
* The bare-bone, essential steps you need to take for your book to live
* Where to scrimp and where to splurge
* Hidden costs and easily missed steps on the self-publishing
* How to develop a timeline and a budget
* What you need to do to get your book out there.

No matter where you are on your own publishing path, this will demystify this ever-changing market.


Self-Publishing as a Radical Act

There is a long and robust history of disenfranchised communities creating and publishing their own work, and in the process defying racism, sexism, obscenity laws, and the patriarchy.  Now, with ever-increasing democratic access to the tools of printing and distribution, authors of all kinds can add their voices to the canon.  This class examines self-publishing through a framework of radical activism whereby forgoing traditional models can help radicals maintain their philosophical stance. With emphasis on ideas like Social Equity, Community Building, Decentralization, and Solidarity, this class will explain the options available to authors and how they may help support one’s own tenets.

“Allison Moon is the rising tide that lifts all self-publishing boats. Her self-publishing workshops are brainy, punk, feminist, accessible,fun, and empowering as all get-out.” – Cooper Lee Bombardier, writer and artist http://www.cooperleebombardier.com