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Is Girl Sex 101 trans-inclusive?

Yes! We don’t think all girls come in (or with!) the same packages. Girl Sex 101 talks about fun ways to give pleasure to both cis and trans women, and both non-op and post-op trans women’s bodies. Because this is a book about girls, we don’t talk a lot about trans masculinity, but we do talk about the way people of all genders may relate to their bodies, and how to navigate those relationships.

Is Girl Sex 101 appropriate for my child?

Girl Sex 101 talks about sex from the perspective of pleasure and communication, and assumes that the reader is already having or is ready to start having sex. The conversation is frank, the terms are colloquial (e.g. we use words like “pussy” and “fucking” throughout the book) and the drawings are explicit and informational. The book also teaches consent, communication, relationship skills, and other concepts that will be useful for teenagers to learn. You and your child can decide when they’re ready for this kind of content. Check out our sample pages to see more about the book.

I think you’re wrong about something in the book!

That’s not really a question, but okay. If you think we got something factually incorrect (like a piece of anatomy or a chemical in lube) feel free to let us know so we can investigate and correct in future editions! If you think we didn’t address something appropriately, you can contact us, or just write your own blog post or book to share your perspective.

I caught a typo! What do I do?

Good eyes! At 390 pages, it’s likely there will be a few typos. But you can contact us to let us know so we can fix it in future editions.

How can I support more work like Girl Sex 101?

First, leave a review! Reviews are hugely important on sites like Amazon to help us get the word out. Second, buy the book for your friends. Request it at the library or your favorite indie store. Follow Allison and the other creators on social media to know when we have new projects coming out. Mostly, spread the word! Indie creators rely on your voices to help boost our signals!

Will there be a Girl Sex 201? 

We hope so! That will rely on you! If you like Girl Sex 101 buy and share the book so we can fund the creation of the sequel!


How do I get Allison to teach at my college?

Allison loves teaching at colleges for sex weeks, one-off workshops, or student groups. Simply email us at info@lunaticink.com to get the ball rolling.

When is Allison coming to my town? 

Sign up on the mailing list to get updates about Allison’s tour.

Does Allison do private coaching?

Kinda! Allison teaches workshops to groups of all sizes. If you and some friends want to hire her to speak to your group about girl sex stuff, contact her here.



Can you ship my book anonymously?

Yes! Books ordered from us are shipped in plain packaging with nothing indicating the contents. The return address is Lunatic Ink, the publishing company.

How is my book shipped?

Books are shipped in the US via Media Mail. There is no tracking number. International shipping is indeed as expensive as it looks. If you live outside the US but can’t afford the shipping fees, contact us at info(at)lunaticink.com for alternatives.

Wow! International shipping is expensive!

Yes, yes it is. The amount reflects the exact amount the postal service charges for international deliveries. It totally sucks. But you have alternatives! If you live in the UK, CANADA, or AUSTRALIA you can get an unsigned copy shipped directly to you from the printer. Simply choose UK/CAN/AUS when ordering. If you want a signed copy and a sticker, you’ll have to choose International Shipping.

When will my book arrive?

Allison ships everything by hand. So your order’s arrival is based on her schedule and how many orders she’s processing. US orders should arrive within two weeks.


 I’m a retailer. How do I get copies of Girl Sex 101 for my store?

Simply email info (at) lunaticink (dot) com to set up a wholesale account.

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