It’s not really a ‘101’ technique, per se, but vaginal fisting sure is deeeeeelightful! Listen to me talk about it with Sex Nerd Sandra’s on her essential Nerdist podcast.


Sex Nerd Sandra logo -The Silent Duck with Allison Moon!

The Silent Duck with Allison Moon!









From the Sex Nerd Sandra website:

NO PUNCHING ALLOWED! Girl Sex 101 author and sex educator Allison Moon clarifies misunderstandings about her favorite activity: vaginal fisting. THEN Jess & Roe give us a hand with 201 and 301 techniques. TOPICS: Accidental Fisting, Sex Menu, Lesbian Stuff, Being Inside, Connecting Deeply, Extreme Stereotypes, Tightness Myth, Snapping Back, Squirting, Vaginal Muscle Activity, Koko the Gorilla, Pregnancy Prep, Aroused Labor, Lube, Fingering+, Internal Massage and Talking to Girls. THEN: Fisting Friends, Performance Anxiety, The Purpose of the Pinky, Pussy Demolition, Kung Fu Grip, Gloves, Social Judgement, Handballing, Fancy Double Hand Move, Withdrawal and NO PUNCHING!

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