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Want a copy of Girl Sex 101 but lack the moola? Join the Pay It Forward Fund Waiting List! We have a donate button over on our store that allows buyers to add to the fund. When we reach $25 in the piggy bank, I’ll crack it open and send a copy to the first...

Indie shop list!

Hey, you’re a socially-conscious and generally hip consumer, right? As such, you believe it’s great to spend your money locally to support your local economy and lower fossil fuel consumption, of course. So, here’s a spiffy list of Indie Stores that...

Free shipping to Indiana!

  In honor of the horribly bass-ackwards new law in Indiana, I’m going to ship any of my books to Indiana for free from now until the end of April.  If you live in Indiana, now’s your chance to bring a bit more queer love into your sphere. Go to the...

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