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Girl Sex 101 is a queer, sex-ed road trip in a book!

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Free shipping to Indiana!

  In honor of the horribly bass-ackwards new law in Indiana, I’m going to ship any of my books to Indiana for free from now until the end of April.  If you live in Indiana, now’s your chance to bring a bit more queer love into your sphere. Go to the...

Book Release Party!

  We’ve set a date for the Girl Sex 101 release party! Come play with us on May 9th at Love Potion Collective in Oakland, CA.  Buckle your seatbelt and get ready to ride! We’re celebrating the release of the most lesbo-tastic book of the year with the...

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Want to get your copy of Girl Sex 101 before it goes on sale in April? Preorder now. You’ll get your book shipped to you in late February, over a month before it goes on sale to the general public!...

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