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Pay It Forward Updates!

Hey sexy folks! This is just a quick note to let you know that the Pay It Forward Waiting List is VERY LONG. I’m not going to close it, because I want everyone to feel like they’re counted. But at the same time, I feel like it’s important to let you know that I’m shipping to folks who signed up back in April and working my way current.  When we have a copy ready for you, I’ll email you (with a SFW subject heading) letting you know your book is ready. If I don’t hear from you in a few days, I email the next person waiting. And of course, I’m always happy to receive more donations to the fund, so if you have a spare buck or two, it all helps!...

Pride season has come and gone and dang, I’m exhausted! But of course that won’t last long, as I have more work to do!  In fact, I need your help. I’m working on some writing projects right now (two screenplays that have nothing to do with Girl Sex, and a play that kinda does), plus some other odds and ends (like audiobooks of my first 3 books). But I want to plan my next sex-ed project. I’m considering a few things:  Girl Sex 101 Quickies: Short, small books that will explore individual topics related to girl sex like fisting, break-ups, and more. They’ll be illustrated and packaged like the monster Girl Sex 101, but in a cheaper and smaller way. A Girl Sex 101 video series: Advice, how-to’s, and other free sex-ed stuff in short video format!  Trick out the blog! Add articles, guest posts and more to GirlSex101.com E-course: Turn my best workshops into online courses, including homework, 1-on-1 coaching sessions, and conference calls Or…something else? I’d love to know what you want more of. Answer the poll below, comment if you want to explain, or feel free to email me directly. No guarantees I’ll be able to implement your brilliance, but I’d love to hear your ideas.    Girl Sex 101 Quickies (e.g. Fisting, Break Ups, etc) 2 VoteGirl Sex 101 Video Series (on Patreon/YouTube, free or subscription-based) 5 VoteMore blog posts! 6 VoteE-courses (in depth courses for sex-ed featuring homework, videos, 1-on-1 calls and more) 3 VoteOther! (Leave your comment below!) 1...


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