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Girl Sex 101 is a queer, sex-ed road trip in a book! Check out our blog or click the button below to preorder now!

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Hand stuff with Allison & Sex Nerd Sandra!

It’s not really a ’101′ technique, per se, but vaginal fisting sure is deeeeeelightful! Listen to me talk about it with Sex Nerd Sandra’s on her essential Nerdist podcast.                   From the...

How to Have a “Regular” Orgasm

Watch Girl Sex 101 guest sex educators Sex Nerd Sandra and Oh Megan teach you how to have a “regular” orgasm*.     * May not be “medically accurate.”  ...
The Girl Sex 101 Book Poll is Live!

The Girl Sex 101 Book Poll is Live!

Want to help shape Girl Sex 101? We need your voice! Click here to answer a bunch of questions about your sexy sex life. You’ll help us shape the book and help readers learn more about the wonderfully diverse world of girl sex. The survey is anonymous and...

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