Feminist Sex Toy Stores to Support this Holiday

Christmas shopping season is upon us! You only have a couple more days to get a signed, limited edition copy of Girl Sex 101 to arrive in time for the big day. But, you can still find a sexy gift for that special someone, while supporting independent shop keepers.

7 Tips for Ninja Sex at Your Parents’ House

Getting laid over the holidays isn’t always an easy proposition. A full house, required family face-time, and board games that seemingly last for.ev.er— it can all lead to too little time with your sweetie. Even if your family is cool with you getting down, you may not want them to know the exact moment you’re getting off. But heaven knows after a long political debate with your dad over too many bottles of wine, the best stress relief may be a festive romp with your sweetie. Here are 7 tips to make the coupling smooth and stealthy.

Birthday sale!

Now through April 30th, you can get a FREE lube and toy upgrade when you purchase a copy of the Girl Sex 101 Limited Edition Hardcover! Check the box for the upgrade on the product page, then use the coupon code birthdaygirl at checkout to immediate save $60! The coupon will only work for the first 10 buyers, so get on...

Sexo Entre Mujeres! Girl Sex 101 is coming in Spanish!!!

Buenas noticias! Girl Sex 101 is being translated into Spanish! I’m working with the fabulous Mexican sexologist Lorena Olvera to create a Spanish-language version of Girl Sex 101 titled Sexo Entre Mujeres. I’m fond of that title because “Entre” in this case means both “among” and “between,” so the title is both “Sex Among Women” and “Sex Between Women.”  Perfect! The translation is nearly done, at which point I’ll adjust the layout and update the interior. My goal is to have the book on sale by the end of May. BUT if you want to secure your copy right now, mosey on over to the Store and preorder...
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